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Our experienced technicians strive to exceed our customer's expectations in every service we provide. We will perform a ten point service on each weekly cleaning in our full service maintenance program. 

Water Testing

Our seven point water test gives us accurate readings of your pool's chemistry in order to keep your pool clear and healthy while protecting the equipment and finish.

Water Balance

We keep your pool crystal clear and algae free with our complete line of high quality chemicals. We will make sure your chemical levels are properly balanced and fall within a safe range.

Brush Pool

Our team will brush your pool walls, tile, waterline, and steps to help prevent the buildup of algae, grime, calcium deposits and protect your pools finish.

Skim Pool

Remove leaves and surface debris from the water surface to help keep your pool looking clean and maintain the chemical balance.

Empty Baskets

Remove debris from the pump, skimmer baskets and auto cleaner to prevent clogging and to keep your equipment running smooth and efficient.

Vacuum Pool

We will vacuum your pool when necessary and remove all the stubborn fine particles of debris that accumulates on the floor surface and hard to reach corners. 

 Filter Monitoring

We will monitor your filter and PSI level and if necessary will backwash the filter to remove fine particles, dirt and oils from your filter and will inform you when your filter needs cleaned to keep your pool running efficiently and keep your pool water safe.


Water chemistry is impacted daily by weather, air pollutants, and usage. We will add chlorinating tablets to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe in-between  weekly service cleaning.

Equipment Check

We will visually inspect the pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order and running efficiently. 

Confirmation Email

After each weekly cleaning you will receive a detailed email notification of your pool's chemical results and treatments rendered. 

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