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Filter Cleans

Pool filters are essential in removing dirt, dust, and other water contaminates, this ensures you have clean and safe pool water every time you go for a swim. Pool filters also help to reduce chlorine levels and optimize the PH of the water. When your PSI level increases and the circulation drops, it is time for a filter clean. Regular filter cleans are important to maintain a healthy sanitary pool and prolong the efficiency of your pump. There are many factors that influence the frequency of filter cleans; pool usage, environment, location, weather and type of filter. We will monitor your PSI levels and inform you when it is time for a filter clean.


Saltwater Cell Clean

The key to keeping a salt chlorinator working efficiently is to regularly maintain it. A clean salt cell not only works better but also lasts longer. The frequency of cleaning and maintenance schedule will be determined by pool use, water hardness, pool chemistry and the age of your salt cell, We  will monitor your salt cell and inform you when it is time for a good cleaning. 


Maintenance Repairs

Efficient water circulation powered by a sturdy pool pump is of supreme importance to a well functioning pool. The pump works hard to keep pool water clean by pushing it through the main drain through the filter and back into the pool. Undetected pump damage  can create health problems, unsanitary pool water and high energy costs. Your pool's filtration system is equally as important to maintain a safe sanitary and efficient pool. Every pool needs minor maintenance to keep all equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Rest assured we will inform you of all maintenance issues and happily repair them at affordable pricing.

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